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5 Post Workout Mistakes Stopping You From Achieving Your Goals

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Doing These Could Make It Difficult For You To Reach Your Fitness Goals

post workout mistakes

Every fitness expert will tell you that what you do long after your training session has a very big influence in determining how quickly and easily you achieve your workout goals

The truth is, whether or not you can achieve your fitness goals, and, how quickly you achieve them is more or less determined by what you do to your body long before and after your exercise sessions.

Thus, if you feel like you are not getting the right results from all the efforts you are putting into your workout, then, it might be possible your post workout activities could be one of the factors affecting your progress.

Making various post workout mistakes, including those listed here, could put many stumbling blocks in your way. Take the necessary steps to fix them and you’ll see your fitness goals falling into place

1. Rehydrating with a sports drink.

Why: Sports drinks are high in calories, and for a good reason. They’re for athletes or people who’ve just done a really intense workout for more than an hour. If you didn’t do a strenuous workout, you’ll load up on sugar you body doesn’t need.

What to do: If you did a regular 30- to 60-minute workout, rehydrate with water and drink as much as you need.

energy drink

2. Staying in sweaty clothes.

Why: It can lead to body acne since those wet clothes are full of bacteria. It can also weaken your immune system. Your wet clothes will make you chilly when cold air blows.

What to do: Pack a towel, an extra shirt, and a pair of undies and bra. Make sure to dry yourself after a workout before you change your clothes.


3. Treating yourself to a high-calorie meal.

Why: Don’t be so quick to reward yourself. When you do a 30- to 60-minute workout, you burn around 300 calories. Treating yourself to a high-calorie meal will make you take more calories than you just burned!

What to do: Choose a healthy post-workout snack that’s under 300 calories. Have some yogurt or peanut butter for your protein, and fruits for the carbs.

4. Eating a sugary snack.

Why: Relying on sweets like a donut for your energy can backfire. You’ll get a spike of it then it’ll quickly plummet, leaving you sleepy.

What to do: Eat something nutritious. Apart from a snack that’s under 300 calories, considering eating food that’ll repair your muscles, like banana or nuts.



5. Waiting too long to eat or not eating at all

Why: Your body needs energy after a workout. If you don’t eat , you’ll feel hungry eventually that you’ll stuff yourself more than you ever intended.

What to do: Eat within 30 minutes after your workout. It’ll keep your blood sugar steady and stave off hunger and fatigue.


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PHOTO: Nick Onken

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