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4 Top Core Strengthening Exercises To Tighten Abs

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Try These For Well-Toned Killer Abs

rotating lunge

Core Strengthening Exercises do not just target the abs as many assume. In fact, they go much further than that. They train the muscles in the lower back, pelvis, the abs and the hips to ensure they can work in harmony

In effect, workouts that are used to strengthen the core will in most cases work the muscles running from the shoulders through to the pelvis.

Given the complex nature of the core,  relying on basic or simple exercises to help you burn fat around the abdominal area or to tighten your abs may not give you the well-toned abs, including the often eluded six pack abs that many work out for

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If you are aiming to tighten your abs or working towards getting the six pack abs, then you need a combination of different exercises such as those below to help you achieve your goal

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