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The Ultimate Bodyweight Workout For Fitness And Core Strengthening

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The Complete Bodyweight Workout To Achieve Your Workout Goals

ultimate bodyweight workout

Can you achieve all your fitness goals with just bodyweight exercises? And can you build all the muscle you need without using any equipment?

The above are questions that get asked everyday.

While proponents of bodyweight exercises believe it can be done, others think otherwise.

Those thinking the above cannot be easily achieved without using any workout equipment, such as dumbbells, for example, argue that you need to subject your muscles to sufficient stress to enable it to respond better to give you the outcome you are looking for. Using equipment makes that easier

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Whatever your position, we will all accept that we may not have enough time to visit the gym everyday. Thus, bodyweight exercises  have a very important role to play in our workout regimen

We believe these bodyweight workouts we have assembled here can provide you with most, if not all the solutions to your fitness and workout goals.

If you have very little time at your disposal or can’t get to the gym for whatever reason, then this ultimate bodyweight workout is designed to increase your joint integrity, movement and flexibility. The exercises will also help you build your core and develop your strength and fitness levels

Do these exercises in order, for the recommended rep speed when noted.

Perform the below workout as a circuit, with no rest between exercises unless you need it – until the finisher.

For some exercises, you’ll notice a rep speed of 3-1-1-1 – that’s 3 seconds for the negative/eccentric portion of the movement, a 1-second hold at the bottom of the eccentric, 1 second for the positive/concentric portion and then a 1-second hold at the top of the concentric.

man doing push ups


Jumping Jack 10 reps
Standing Dirty Dog 15 reps/leg
Ab Roll-up to Jump Squat 10 reps
Lateral Walking Push-Up 10 reps/side
Swimmer 10 reps

Side Lunge 10 reps/side
Bird Dog and Rotate 15 reps/side
Ab Roll-Up to Plyo Push-Ups 10 reps
Reverse Swimmers 10 reps

Reverse Lunge with Alternating Overhead Arm Reach 10 reps/side
T-Spine and Shoulder Stabilization 10 reps/side
Split- Squat Jump 10 reps/leg
L- Stand Shoulder Push-Up 10 reps ( Rep Speed 3-1-1-1)

Skip with Alternating Arm and Leg Extended 10 reps/side
Single-Leg RDL (Romanian Deadlift) 10 reps/leg
Bicycles 30 reps
Diamond Push-Ups 10 reps (Rep Speed 3-1-1-1)

Inchworm 10 reps
Surfers 1×10
Single Leg Glute Bridge 10 reps/leg (Rep Speed 3-1-1-1)
Psuedo Planche Push-Up with One-Arm Row 10 reps/side


(Perform 3-5 sets)
Sprinting, jumping rope, burpees, shadow boxing, etc.,
30 seconds on
30-60 seconds off


Ab Roll-Up to Jump Squat

Sit on a mat with your legs extended in front of you. Roll your back onto the mat and lift your legs over your hips, supporting yourself with your arms. Use momentum to roll quickly back to the starting position, but bend your knees and place your feet flat on the mat. Plant your feet and jump up, reaching your arms over your head. Land softly and bend your knees to lower back down to start. That’s one rep.

Lateral Walking Push-Ups

First, get in the top position of a push-up…with one difference. Your FEET should be further apart than normal…about a foot to a foot and a half or so. Come down into the bottom of the push-up. Now push back up powerfully out of the bottom and as you do so, bring your left hand and left foot in towards the mid-line of your body. Now your hands and feet are set right beside each other. Step out to the right with your right hand and right foot at the same time and come straight down into the bottom position of the push-up again. Now, come back to the left, repeating the same pattern.


Lie on your stomach with your arms in front of you and over your head, palms down. Move your arms out to your side and all the way to your hips. Glide the back of your hands up your back as far as possible. Continue moving your arms as the move away from the spine back to the starting position.

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