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A Full Body Workout Circuit To Burn Fat & Build Muscle

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This Circuit Should Help You Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Furnace

leg press

This is a full body workout designed to activate your fat burning enzymes to help you burn as much body fat as possible and to work every muscle in the body

With each exercise designed to target a number of muscle groups you are assured of a total body workout and maximum returns

Performed effectively, with very little rest in-between routines, and with weights heavy enough to challenge you, these exercises will not only help you burn more body fat, they will also be able to help you build more muscle which will effectively help you burn more fat as a result

We will highly recommend you go through this circuit if you want to rev your metabolism, touch fat, and improve your level of fitness. It is highly recommended you repeat this full body workout 2 or even 3 times at each session and at least once every week to achieve the most out of the program

1. Leg Press: Do 20 reps of leg presses to start out this circuit. You’ll work your quads, hamstrings and lower back with this one.

Closeleg press

2. Dumbbell Rows: Fifteen reps of these should do the trick! You’ll work your biceps, triceps and shoulders.

dumbbell row



3. Pushups: The pushup is a great staple move of all fitness circuits for a reason: it gets results! Do 15 pushups.

Closeman doing push ups



4. Lateral raises: You’ll really feel the burn in your shoulders with the lateral raise. Do 20 reps of these.

lateral raise

5. Leg extension: Test your hamstrings, core and endurance with leg extensions. Do 20 reps before moving on.


leg extension



6. Calf raises: Calf raises are perfect for toning those calf muscles you love to show off during the summer months. … Do as many as you can until the last four or five reps are difficult.


calf raises

7. Bench Dips: Again, do as many of these as you can until your muscles start to feel fatigued. …. You’ll need a chair or bench as well as a stability ball for this one. Here’s how to do it.

bench dipClose


8. Abs on Roman Chair: The Roman chair is perfect for exercising all of your ab muscles, not just the few that are targeted during normal ab work. Try doing 20 reverse sit-ups.

Abs on Roman Chair



That’s one circuit. Repeat it two to three times.

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