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Looking To Burn More Calories? Not A Fan Of Jogging? Try These

One of the first things that come into mind when we start talking about burning calories and losing weight is jogging. But as many of us have found out, while jogging could help you burn calories, relying on that alone to help you achieve your fitness goal may not give you the results you are looking for. There are many reasons for that and we will look at that in another article.

Let’s face facts: How many of us find it fun going out before sunrise on a very cold or rainy morning to jog? You’ll need lots of motivation to do that regularly. And such workout routine will become more challenging in the coming winter months

No need to worry though, as there are many other exercises that can help you burn more calories than jogging.

We urge you to mix your fitness regimen with some of these to help you lose more weight for the newer fitter you

#1. Dancing

Dancing is great fun AND it burns calories. Dancing burns up to 443 calories and hour! So, next time you’re in the club, hit the floor!

#2. Kettlebell Swings


These exercises help you burn calories and sculpt a lean figure. They are great for sculpting the glutes and quads while giving your body an overall workout.

#3. Jumping Rope


Jumping rope gets your heart rate up and improves balance and coordination. A moderate intensity jump rope session burns 13 calories a minute.

#4. Rock Climbing

rock climbing

Rock climbing is a fun, challenging workout that ramps up adrenaline and overall fitness. Climbing can burn you up to 455 calories an hour.

#5. Inline Skating

Although it seems easy, skating provides a really intense calorie burning workout that serves as a great substitute for running.

#6. Rowing


Rowing burns an insane amount of calories. Per hour, you can burn up to 682! Rowing is one of the most intense, and effective, exercises you can add to your routine.

#7. Boxing


Boxing doesn’t just make you feel tough, it will make you super fit. The average boxing session burns around 727 calories per hour.

Which one will you try first?

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