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5 Top Bodyweight Fat Burning Exercises

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Try This 30-Min Fat-Blasting Workout To Burn Excess Calories

Japanese pushup

No matter how devoted you are to your gym and workout regimen, there are many times you will feel like doing something different and exercising away from the gym and the many equipment

This is where bodyweight exercises come in. With bodyweight workout, you don’t need any equipment or the gym to workout effectively.

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With many new developments being tested everyday, you can take bodyweight exercises to a new level to help you achieve whatever workout goals you may have.

One of such new development is that introduced by Equinox’s Animal Flow. Using names and movements mimicking that of animals you will be able to move bodyweight exercises to a new level, making it possible for you to achieve most, if not all your workout goals.

Below, are a few of such exercises that we believe have the potential to help you blast as many calories that you want. Why not try these bodyweight fat burning exercises on those days you feel like not visiting the gym, or better still, incorporate these in your workout regimen for some serious fat blasting results.

These exercises have the potential to help you”lift better, improve flexibility, prevent injuries and fix muscular imbalances”

Japanese Push-Up

Japanese push up

Setup: Get on all fours with your feet slightly wider than your hips, your hands about 6 inches in front of your head, your hips hiked up and your head down toward the ground; prop up on your toes.

Action: Lower your head toward the ground and then immediately bring your head and chest up into an arc, as if diving toward the ground, as you simultaneously lower your hips toward the ground and raise up your chest; your hands and feet remain in place. Then push back up to the starting position, lifting your hips and straightening your arms in a modified Downward Facing Dog. Continue this flowing push-up for 10 to 15 reps.

Crazy Crab Walk

crazy crab walk

From the underswitch, raise your hips into a high bridge and then perform a crab walk front and laterally.

Setup: Balance on your hands and feet with your front facing the ceiling and your hips pushed upward.

Action: Keeping your hips raised, “walk” forward and back using your hands and feet, then move 10 steps to the right and reverse 10 steps to the left.

Scorpion Reach (From Equinox’s Animal Flow)

scorpion reach

Setup: Begin in a push-up or straight arm-plank position, hands shoulder width, feet together and shoulders slightly in front of the hand placement. (Consider the moving leg your “scorpion tail,” while the leg that stays in contact with the ground will be your base leg.)

Action: Start by bringing your scorpion tail leg underneath the body, pulling the knee toward your opposite wrist. Keep the toes of the scorpion leg pointed. From here, the leg travels out and up in a circular pattern as you push your head between your straight arms, hips drive up toward the ceiling, while your eyes are focused on your base leg.

The scorpion tail (leg) will continue to travel up and around until it arches over the top of the body. Once you are in the full reach position, the base leg should be slightly bent at the knee, the heel should be off the ground, with the base heel rotated outward. You can hold the end position for a couple of breaths before bringing it back around and underneath the body to the scorpion load position. Then return the leg back to the push-up position and repeat on the other side.

Lumbering Gorilla

lumbering gorilla

Setup: Stand with your feet more than shoulder-width apart, hands on hips and core engaged.

Action: Shift your weight to the left leg and step out sideways with your right leg and land gently, knee bent (keep left leg straight) with your toes and knee aligned, pointing to 2 o’clock. Keeping your feet in this position, shift your weight evenly between both feet as you stand back up and then lower into a wide-stance squat; rise back and shift back into a left side lunge while keeping your feet stationary. Repeat the side lunge to a wide squat five times on each side and return to the starting position.

Bear Crawl

bear crawl

Setup: Get on your hands and knees on the floor, knees directly under your hips and hands under your shoulders; toes point away from your body. Engage your core and position your spine in a straight, neutral position. Do not allow your spine or rib cage to sag or arch.

Action: Reach forward with your right arm and right knee and pull yourself forward as you prepare to use your left arm and left knee. Alternate the movement from left side to right, pulling yourself forward over the planted arm and knee each time. Continue “crawling” for 15 times on each side.

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