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5 Good Reasons You Should Be Doing Push-Ups Everyday

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Ever Wondered Why You Should Be Doing Push-Ups Everyday?

man doing push ups

There are only a few exercises that are able to stimulate all the muscles in the body, tone your abs and also help you to burn more calories without taking much of your time. One of such workouts is push-ups

Adding push-ups to your daily workout regimen will not only help you to strengthen your core, it will also help you to develop the your quadriceps as well as the muscles in your upper body

Additional Information:

If you have very little time on hand to devote to your daily workouts but are still aiming to achieve the best from the time you spend exercising, then spending a few minutes every day to do press-ups will greatly enhance your chances of achieving your workout goals.

Find out some of the benefits of push-ups, what it can do to your fitness levels and why you should be doing them every day

1. Build upper body strength.

By progressively adding reps to your push-up set each day, you’ll significantly improve your upper body strength without having to lift a ton of weight. Push-ups target the chest and shoulders, developing a strong, defined upper body.

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