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5 Best Bodyweight Exercises You Should Aim To Do Regularly

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Does Your Workout Include Any Of These?

single leg hip thrusts

Quite a few people wrongly assume that using bodyweight exercises to try to burn body fat or build muscle could be a very futile exercise. The reason they give is that without the use of dumbbells, barbells etc. which gives you the opportunity to “progressively overload”, it will be very difficult to achieve your fitness goals in the long run.

This might be true in some sense, depending on the type of exercises you are doing.

However, if you vary your workouts, choose the right type of exercises and push them to their limit, you will be able to achieve some incredible results

Irrespective of whatever workout goal you have, these 5 bodyweight exercises we’ve selected here are meant to push you to some great levels and challenge your capabilities. They are not only able to work many of your muscles at the same time, they will also be able to help you build your strength to some great levels

Push yourself with these variations in your bodyweight exercises and and make it easier for you to achieve your workout goals 

1) Push-up

This is probably the most popular bodyweight exercise, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. This is one of my favorite upper body pressing exercises for the chest, front of the shoulders, and triceps. You also get the added bonus of working your core from having to stabilize your torso.


… Always remember when performing a push-up to keep your stomach and butt squeezed HARD the entire time. This ensures your body stays in a straight line from your head to your ankles, and also makes the core-work portion of this exercise a bit more challenging.


To make any push-up (regular, close grip, etc) easier, simply elevate your hands.

make push up easier

Make push-ups easier by elevating your hands.

And to make push-ups more challenging you do the opposite: elevate your feet.

make push up harder

To make push-ups harder, elevate your feet.

And when feet elevated push-ups become too easy, then you can start performing one arm push-up variations.

2) Inverted Row

Inverted row variations are … horizontal pulling exercise that primarily works the back and biceps. And just like a push-up variation your core has to work as well to keep your body in a straight line.

inverted rows

As with push-ups, keep your body in a straight line from the top of your head to your ankles, and squeeze your butt and stomach the entire time. As you pull yourself up to the handles, pull your shoulder blades down and back and squeeze them together hard in the top position.

To make inverted rows easier, you simply increase the height of the handles.

To make inverted rows harder, lower the handles.

To make inverted rows even harder, elevate your feet.

3) Single Leg Hip Thrust

The single leg squat to a box primarily works the quads, and .. primarily targets the glutes (a.k.a. your booty).

single leg hip thrusts

When you perform single leg hip thrusts be sure to focus on “thrusting” your pelvis up to the ceiling, and squeeze your glutes HARD in the top position.

Make this exercise easier by performing a single leg glute bridge.

This is easier because the range of motion is shortened.

You can make single leg hip thrusts more difficult by increasing the range of motion.

By putting the front foot on an elevated surface (generally between 2-6 inches) you’re increasing the range of motion of the exercise, thus making it more challenging.

4) Pull-up

There are two main to make pull-ups easier. The first (and my preferred way) is to perform assisted pull-ups with resistance bands. If you don’t have resistance bands the other option is to use leg drive for assistance. Either use a bar that’s low enough so you can keep your feet on the floor, or stand on a sturdy box/bench/chair and use as much leg drive as needed.

…One way you can make pull-ups more challenging is to use more difficult grips or to progress to L sit pull-ups.

L sit pullups

These are brutal, not only for your back, but also your abs. You can make L sit pull-ups easier by simply bending your knees and holding that position.

5) Skater Squat

This is an exercise that looks deceptively easy, but they’re great for working your lower body.

skater squats

Bend the knee of the non-working leg, lower under control until the knee of the non-working leg lightly touches the floor, then squat back up.

Decrease the range of motion (thus making the exercise easier) by putting a box/plates/mats under the non-working leg. The higher the surface you use, the easier the exercise will be.

To make skater squats more difficult, begin by standing on an elevated surface with the working leg of about one inch. As you get stronger, increase the height by about one inch at a time. Progressing to a height of about six inches is a good goal.


Bodyweight workouts are simply another way to strength train. It can present a fun new challenge and allow you to get stronger in a different way than traditional weight lifting.

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