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3 Quick But Effective Floor-Based Fat Burning Mini Circuit Workout

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Not Enough Time For Full Body Workout?

standard push ups

When you are short on time or have very little time on hand, there is always the temptation to forgo your normal fitness routines.

This however shouldn’t be the case at all times. This is because doing this continuously will mean your fitness, as well as, your workout goals will all suffer.

With proper planning and adjustments in your workout regimen you should be able to choose various exercises that will make it possible to keep your fitness strategies on track

With the right exercises, you should be able “to infuse your normal bodypart work with a little cardio flavor” without the need for additional resistance apart from that provided by your body

This is what these 3 circuit routines are meant to do. Performed from the same starting position, these workouts can make it possible for you to work your shoulders, chest, triceps, lower abs, as well as, your core in just about 7 minutes

If you have very little time available or you are looking for some workouts that you can do within a very short time and still get very good benefits from them, then, these floor-based fat burning mini circuit workout routines should cater well for your needs

The multiple movements should be performed quickly in sequence to keep your heart rate elevated. You will want to perform 10 of each exercise with minimal rest in between. Repeat the sequence a total of 3-4 times, resting 30-60 seconds between circuits. Your total time investment? 7-8 minutes tops.

You will want to position yourself in a push-up position with your feet and hands about shoulder width.


While your hands remain stationary, quickly bring your right knee toward your chest and return to the starting position. Alternate legs and bring your left knee toward your chest and return to the starting position. Switch legs at a brisk pace moving your feet front to back like you are climbing a mountain. You will perform 10 repetitions on each foot, 20 total.


knee to elbow touches

As soon as you have finished with mountain climbers, stay in the push-up position and perform 10 repetitions of knee-to-elbow touches, five on each side. If it is too difficult from this position, you can go to your knees and perform this exercise.

> TIP: Something of a cousin to mountain climbers, this exercises calls for you to draw your knee up toward your same-side elbow.

Want to know how to do this exercise? Check the video below


As soon as you have finished with knee-to-elbow touches, perform the last part of the exercise, which is a push-up. Remain in the pushup position and lower your torso to the ground until your elbows are in a 90-degree angle. Perform 10 repetitions.

If you can perform 3-4 runs through this circuit 3-4 days a week, you will quickly improve your overall fitness level while strengthening key muscle groups.

Source: Muscle & Fitness


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